Digital Intelligent High Power AVR (APR PRN)

Digital Intelligent High Power AVR (APR PRN)

Specially for whole plant industrial equipment

    New Generation Digital Logic Combined Functional Setting

    Complete specifications and capacities from 120KVA to 300KVA for APR,

        and 300KVA ~ 600KVA for PRN

    Build-in multi-function digital meter

    With indicators display, easy to operate, and several patents

    Anti-mistake engineering design, the producing procedure meet international standard

    With high reliability, long MTBF.  Suit for all kinds load and sites

    With SOVP device, it will always start from low voltage

    Separated regulation design, three phase voltage can be accurately output

    Auto-bypass device, the load can be used continuously within the safe range

    Built-in extra arc suppressor and noise interference preventing device