• UPS en línea (monofásico 3 ~ 20KVA) (NS)

UPS en línea (monofásico 3 ~ 20KVA) (NS)

Specially for precision instrument and high end computer
100% made in Taiwan, the On Line UPS system is suitable for load of SMT, OA equipment, automatic testing system, computer and related products. In IGBT/PWM advance and module design, the equipment is highly reliable, excellent quality and exceptional long MTBF.
Modelo : NS series

Low Frequency Isolated Transformer

RS-232 Communication Interface

Module Packing of IGBT

Adopt low frequency isolated transformer, reliable and safe

RS-232 communication port and SNMP slot allows software controlled automatic shutdown

Main element rectifier and IGBT are packed in module, exceptionally reliable

Dual Display of LED and LCD

Extendable Discharging Time

LED and LCD dual display giving full picture of situations of UPS

Battery capacity can be expanded to extend discharging time and recharging


text3.gifIn low frequency isolated transformer design, safe and reliable
    Inverter adopts low frequency isolation transformer design where inverter and output are totally 
    isolated and can attain excellent protecting effect over the lightning strike, surge, interference from input end

text3.gifInverter adopts full bridge structure and is suitable for all kinds of load
    Full bridge structure is more costly but has wide application and reliability is the highest

text3.gifRectifier and IGBT are module packed
    IGBT is module sealed and is capable of sustaining large current transiently and is fast in heat radiation.
    It is sturdy and durable

text3.gifBattery capacity can be expanded for long time discharge
    In additional standard unit equipped battery, the product can be connected to large capacity battery for 
    long time discharge and can fit with large current charging board to shorten battery recharging time

text3.gifOutput voltage can be adjusted for 10%
    Output voltage of standard unit can be adjusted 10% and custom ordered special voltage can be entertained

text3.gifCan be used as frequency converter with also UPS function
    UPS output can be set to be frequency converter and still maintain the UPS function

text3.gifRS232 contact may be fitted with USB or SNMP card
    If fitted with monitoring software, it can monitor all kinds of situation of UPS

text3.gifLED and LCD dual display, giving full picture of the conditions
    LED can display system status, battery level and failure indicating. LCD can display input voltage, 
    output voltage, frequency, battery voltage, output load level, output battery level, internal temperature 
    that give you full information of UPS status

text3.gifMultiple audio warning functions
    When UPS is with problem, other than light Indicator and LCD display, there are different
    buzzers giving different audio warning

text3.gifLow distortion sine wave output
    With perfect sine wave and harmonic wave distortion at 0 – 100% linear load less than 3%

text3.gifCan be started with battery and auto-restart when mains resumed
    It can be started with UPS internal battery when mains is off.  UPS will be off automatically when 
    battery energy is exhausted.  And when mains recover, UPS will re-start automatically

text3.gifHighly stable output voltage
    Within allowable input voltage range, the serial product maintain less than 1% change in output

text3.gifOver heating protection
    At failure of cooling fan and internal temperatures is too high, the unit will turn off automatically

Office IT Equipment


Data Back Up System

Data Processing Center

Control Room

Automatic Testing Equipment

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