• Puntura / Probador de aislamiento (LH)

Puntura / Probador de aislamiento (LH)

Specially for production line and QC
Testing instrument for electric appliances for industrial safety, necessary for insulation and Hi-Pot testing conditions, R & D, QC, experiment, production, it may be of sole unit, timed, remote control, determination and automatic test and instrument for applying safety standard of any country in the world.
Modelo : LH series

Clear Panel

Multiple Protection Transformer

Wide Angle Precision Meters

Panel is clearly and properly arranged to allow pinpointing

Multiple layer protecting high voltage transformer giving longer service life

Adopt wide angle and hanging wire vibration preventing meter to give accurate indication

Multi-Steps Cutting-Off Current 

Timer Set to Minutes and Seconds

Multi-stage cutting-off current setting, easy in switching

Electronic timer for setting to second / minutes for the testing time


text3.gifHi-Pot testing instruments of the Company are specialized in the Hi-Pot testing

    of electronic products and electric components and parts that facilitate smooth

    pass of CNS, UL, JIS, CE , BE standards 

text3.gifUpdated electronic circuit gives accurate and rapid testing moves and tested

    article will not be damaged during the testing. When the voltage resistance

    and / or insulation is not qualified, audio and visual alarm will be initiated 

text3.gifThe unit can determine whether leak current is qualified or not, and performing

    functional tests of timing and remote control, and on relay output point resetting,

    disqualified output, and can do automatic tests to reduce labor power and

    increase efficiency 

text3.gifThe unit has high voltage transformer made of high voltage resistance epoxy

     resin and high voltage resisting output wires. The output KV meter and MΩ meter

     are made of precise hanging wire which is resistant to vibration. These features

     ensure the durability and safety of the machine

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