• Transformador de potencia (TD & MTF)

Transformador de potencia (TD & MTF)

Specially for CNC and industrial equipment
More than 25 years design and manufacturing experience, specialized R & D team and stringent quality control ensured top-rated product. Specialized in the manufacturing of all kinds of transformer, single phase and 3 phase transformer, auto type transformer, automatic voltage regulator and UPS specific transformer, inductor and choke coil. We can also accept customize order to different capacity and specification.
Modelo : TD & MTF series

Transformer Specific Bobbin
Vacuum Impregnating Equipment
Coil Sorting Machine

Transformer specific bobbin developed by the Company is capable  of  increasing production efficiency and overall beauty

Combine with professional oven, this equipment can inhibit the noise of transformer and increase insulation effect of transformer 

The wire sorting machine  developed  by the  Company  is  to tidy the coil of transformer  to  increase efficacy 

Transformer Main Body
Specific Grounding Screw

Main body is fitted with wiring terminal which  specifically marked with various voltage wiring, which is specific and clear 

Grounding is related with safety of equipment  and  person, which  shall  have specific and correct grounding mechanism

text3.gifScientifically reasonable design allowing control of voltage change rate within 1% - 1.5% range

text3.gifManufactured of brand new silicone steel sheet of Shin Nippon, Kawasaki, Japan that effectively reduces 

   iron loss, reducing field inrush current and increasing efficiency

text3.gifMade of imported high purity copper wire that minimizes own loss rate and greatly increase effectiveness

text3.gifAdopt AROMA, Japan improved A type and DOPONT Nomex insulating paper as the main insulating 

   materials and enhanced ventilation and heat radiation design to increase the high voltage resisting strength 

   and insulation class and therefore extend the service life.  

text3.gifHigh efficiency design for more than 97% that effectively reduce stray capacity, leak impedance and 

    inhibit input end noise

text3.gifPatented appearance design gives elegant and modern look; high power density, compact size and 

    increase space utilization 

text3.gifAdopted K coefficient in measuring anti-harmonic wave ability; specially designed isolated transformer 

    in filtering off tertiary harmonic wave and multiple output isolated transformer filters off 5, 7,17 and 19 

    X frequency harmonic wave (Option)

CNC Equipment

AI Equipment


Base Station Equipment

Industrial Automation


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